Serial console running at incorrect speed
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Serial console running at incorrect speed


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Messaging Gateway


When connecting to the serial port console on a new Messaging Gateway (SMG) appliance, the console does not properly work at either 9600 baud as expected nor at 115200 baud. Characters are garbled and may be improperly echoed to the console resulting in an inability to log in via the serial console interface.


A small number of hardware appliances were shipped from the supply chain with the console bit rate set to 115200 in the kernel boot parameters. The SMG software assumes the standard 9600 baud rate for the serial console and sets the associated terminal process to 9600. This causes a disconnect between the data rates for the device and the terminal process communicating with it.


This issue only affects a small number of appliances in the field and the source of the incorrect boot configuration has been addressed for new appliances.

The boot configuration is updated as part of the software update process so an update to the SMG software from the version installed when the appliance was shipped will overwrite the improper kernel configuration.