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Endpoint Protection clients cannot download contents after LiveUpdate Administrator executes Wipe option.


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Endpoint Protection


If you configure IIS as a new distribution center of LiveUpdate Administrator (LUA) 2.3.x and each Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) clients download from IIS as LiveUpdate server, IIS needs to change the settings to use WebDAV and MIME settings etc. See How to configure a Windows Server 2008 as a Distribution Center for LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x content.

After you execute Wipe option for a distribution center and clean up all contents, the all contents are distributed from LUA console again. SEP clients cannot download contents after these operation.


Connected protocol is UNC to connect to distribution center on IIS instead of HTTP or HTTPS


If a distribution center connected via UNC from LUA, LUA remove all contents under the root directory.

If you create a IIS's virtual directory and change the configuration, some settings are saved in web.config file under the root folder.
If you wipe all files under root directory of distribution center, these setting are lost. So SEP clients cannot download contents anymore.

To use UNC to connect IIS's virtual directory, create a sub folder to deploy contents and set it as root directory for distrbution center. It avoids to remove web.config by Wipe operation.

Or use HTTP or HTTPS protocol to connect the distribution center on IIS.