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Print doesn't work in edge browser in Windows 10


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Web Isolation


Client clicks on CTRL+P or Right click + print and both does not work



  1. Try printing directly (without fireglass) with the same environment (Edge web browser & windows10). If it doesn't work directly then it means it's not related to FG.
  2. If edge doesn't use any internal viewer nor acrobat plugin, escalate to R&D, this probably means that there is an issue with the printing mechanism (similar to the known limitation that exists in firefox).
  3. In order to perform the print we are planting "FG JavaScript" inside the PDF which is in charge of the printing. When there is no PDF viewer in the browser we won't be able to perform print. Check if it has a native pdf viewer (like acrobat reader; in chrome it's chrome pdf)
  4. Following step 3, if edge browser works with a PDF viewer and didn't succeed to print, look at the fireglass.log on the TIE to verify printing action was indeed executed:

          [email protected]:~$ tail -f /var/log/fireglass.log | grep Print


     5.    If print looks ok on the server side, but still doesn't work, check in the web if this is a specific OS/browser which doesn't allow it.