Automation policies are missing in the console after upgrading
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Automation policies are missing in the console after upgrading


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IT Management Suite


You have upgraded from a previous version of IT Management Suite (ITMS) and notice that some Automation Policies that you previously created are no longer present. You are however, still receiving alerts generated by the non-visible Automation Policies


ITMS upgraded to newer version of 8.x
Other environments possibly affected as well


The attributes on some Automation polices have been changed from 'Normal' to 'Hidden' on some policies during upgrade. 


The hidden Automation Policies can be made visible again using the process below. 

On the NS Console:

  1. Export the hidden Automation Policies folder using: 
"C:\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\Bin\Tools\ImportExportUtil.exe" /export 489fe765-87cf-4619-ad0e-bfc357ecd925 C:\temp\exported
- Note that the folder c:\temp\exported must exist
  1. (optional) You can use the PowerShell command to filter the results into a text file for easy review. This command will ignore the unneeded GUID files and 'Trigger for', 'Data for' files: 
Get-ChildItem -Path *.xml -Exclude *for*, *`{* >> output.txt
  1. ​Review the filtered list of exported .xml files for the names of the Automation policies that are missing in the console
  2. Edit the .xml files identified in step 3 and change the <itemAttributes>Hidden</itemAttributes> to <itemAttributes>Normal</itemAttributes> and save
  3. Re-import the modified files to the Automation Policies view on the console using the Import button
  4. Confirm that the required Automation Polices are now visible