After upgrading from CCS 11.5.2 up to CCS 12 Windows Data Collection fails and queries cannot be run


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Control Compliance Suite Windows


  • After upgrading from Symantec Control Compliance Suite Windows (CCS) 11.5.2 (SCU 2017-1) up to CCS 12 (SCU 2017-3), Windows Data Collection begins to fail and a variety of queries will fail as well after a short duration.
  • This can include Windows Assets which originally reported back without error and any machine reporting to a CCS Manager with a Data Collector Role. Windows Patch Assessment queries will fail as well as included IIS Standards to ensure Compliance is achieved will also fail.

Worker Process terminated


It has been observed in prior environments for a few Assets after executing an evaluation job for Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) will fail. This is due to ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) not equivalent or greater than the recommended version:

  • 6.1.7601.17857

ADO is used to help CCS complete SQL queries and display information at a textual level.


  • Windows Server 2008 R2


Please follow these steps

  1. Validate your ActiveX Data Object (ADO) version by downloading Microsoft Component Check Version 2.0 here:
  2. Locate your OS binary and download the necessary .msi file and run it
  3. Install it in your C:\Drive (You may re-run the same executable to remove the software later)
  4. Go to folder where you installed the Microsoft Component Check
  5. Run CC.exe
  6. Choose "Scan your machine. Do not perform analysis."
  7. Expand File Details to the left and click on UNKNOWN and take note of the File "MSADOX.DLL" and the Version by scrolling down on the right column
  8. If it is below 6.1.7601.17857, open Administrative Tools
  9. Go to Server Manager
  10. Locate Configure Updates
  11. Search for Updates

Note: If the ADO version is updated to 6.1.7601.17857 or above, this will remedy SCAP evaluations yielding the error Worker Process terminated.