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Ghost Console crashes or is unresponsive when client ID is over 6,000,000.


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Ghost Solution Suite


Ghost Solution Suite's database uses computer ID's starting at 5000000.  The computer ID is incremented by 1 every new computer record that is added to the console.   It is possible that over time if enough computer records were added and deleted that this number could grow by a million and be represented by 6000000.    Any clients with a client id larger than 5999999 would not be responsive in the console or would cause the console to crash if a job was attempted to execute on that client. 

Console is unresponsive while working with a client that has a client id larger than the allowed level or the console will crash when attempting to execute a job on that client. 


Ghost Solution Suite  (GSS) 3.x


The Client_ID table is limited to a range from 5000000 to 6000000 client ids above this are not considered acceptable and will fail. 


The client count is now able to grow larger as is the other ID numbers such as jobs and tasks. 

GSS 3.3 includes the fix for client ID's.   The fix for job and task IDs will be included in a release update for GSS 3.3.