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Information needed to troubleshoot remote console failures in Ghost Solution Suite.


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Ghost Solution Suite


Symantec Ghost Solution Suite (GSS) remote console is not working correctly or SQL errors are seen and a list of logs and information is needed to further troubleshoot with development. 

SQL errors or an inability to launch or connect with the GSS remote console. 


GSS remote console connecting from a workstation to a remote system GSS server.


There could be multiple reasons for failure.  The idea is to gather all the needed logs to identify the failure.




Below is the information needed to troubleshoot this issue:

  1. Enable SQL traces with graphs enabled.  Se attached PDF for steps and settings required for a SQL trace.
  2. Collect express logs.
  3. Collect aexengine logs with level 9 set.
  4. Collect DAgent logs with all options enabled with max size.
  5. Collect server message logs from location ..\eXpress\Deployment Server\Temp\Msgs folder.
  6. What is the version of DB from where the backup is taken?
  7. What is the version of DB where DB is restored?
  8. Express logs for all remote consoles installed.


SQL trace steps.pdf get_app