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Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange 7.10 Certification Matrix


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Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange



The table contained within this article provides information concerning internal quality assurance testing and certification against specific Exchange update levels for Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange (SMSMSE) 7.10 release.


Note: Certification indicates that Symantec has completed full Quality Assurance testing on each of the listed platforms with the listed versions of SMSMSE. A build can be supported on a platform without certification, certification is an additional level of assurance that Symantec has thoroughly tested the listed build against the listed platform. Symantec support will provide assistance in troubleshooting problems on any platform listed in the Support Matrix, even if the build has not been officially certified on that platform.
For more information please see the Support Matrix: TECH141889



Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange 7.10 Certification Matrix

The following table lists the version of Exchange certified with each version of Symantec Mail Security 7.10 release. 

  • X - Development certified the specific build on the specific platform.
  • Empty Field -  No expected issues with deployment / usage.  However, the build / platform combination was not specifically tested against.
  • NA - The version of Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange (SMSMSE) will not install to the platform.
  SMSMSE 7.10
Exchange 2013 CU20  
Exchange 2013 CU21  
Exchange 2013 CU22  
Exchange 2013 CU23  
Exchange 2016 CU9  
Exchange 2016 CU10  
Exchange 2016 CU11  
Exchange 2016 CU12  
Exchange 2016 CU13  
Exchange 2016 CU14  
Exchange 2016 CU15  
Exchange 2016 CU16  
Exchange 2016 CU17  
Exchange 2016 CU18  
Exchange 2016 CU19  
Exchange 2016 CU20  
Exchange 2016 CU21 X
Exchange 2016 CU22 X
Exchange 2016 CU23 X
Exchange 2019  
Exchange 2019 CU1  
Exchange 2019 CU2  
Exchange 2019 CU3  
Exchange 2019 CU4  
Exchange 2019 CU5  
Exchange 2019 CU6  
Exchange 2019 CU7  
Exchange 2019 CU9 X
Exchange 2019 CU10 X
Exchange 2019 CU12  X


Additional Information

Is SMSMSE 7.10 certified with a particular Exchange SU?

Typically, SMSMSE ENGINEERING certifies new versions of Exchange (CUs) then supports SUs. Support asked BROADCOM ENGINEERING to review Exchange 2016 CU23 for issues it may cause SMSMSE 7.10, but ENGINEERING did not find any.