Symantec Management Platform Diagnostic Tools
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Symantec Management Platform Diagnostic Tools


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IT Management Suite


You need a list of Symantec Management Platform Diagnostic Tools.


The following is a list of diagnostic tools which are available for troubleshooting issues with the Symantec Management Platform and Solutions. These tools can be used to diagnose issues and fine-tune NS/SMP servers. Please contact Symantec technical support for additional information and for assistance with these tools as needed.

  • Platform Diagnostic Tools
  • ITMS Technical Resource Kit - TECH250626
  • The Technical Resource Kit contains a variety of Symantec and 3rd-party tools including:
  • Altiris Log Viewer
  • SMP log viewer
  • IIS Health monitor
  • Database Health monitor
  • Symantec Installation Manager Supportability Pack
  • Altiris Profiler
  • Symantec Software Resource Replicator
  • MS Windows Event Viewer
  • Wireshark
  • Microsoft Windows SysInternals
  • Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

The kit comes in the form of an MSI that can be installed on an NS/SMP server. The individual applications are installed to: 

\Program Files\Altiris\ITMS Resource Kit

Log Viewer User Guide - DOC8560
The Altiris Log Viewer (also known as NS Log Viewer) lets you monitor several log locations for different components like IT Management Suite, Symantec Management Agent and Symantec Installation Manager. The Altiris Log Viewer is a WinForms executable that lets you view the Notification Server logs.

Altiris Profiler  - DOC8979
This is a valuable utility that helps diagnose what is going on under the hood within the inner workings of the SMP core. It provides detailed information on processes being executed within the core services, what code was called, and which assemblies were called and what nested SQL was invoked (if any). It also provides timing blocks to help detect what processes and or queries took the longest to complete thus allowing the user to diagnose where performance problems are occurring.

SSE Tools - INFO2568
A set of user friendly diagnostic tools for ITMS 6.x and 7.x. The article contains a stand-alone executable that does not require installation.

SSE Reports - TECH250622
A set of reports commonly used by support engineers for diagnostic purposed. The article contains in an xml file that can be imported into the SMP console.

SMP Diag - TECH202997
A GUI tool that runs a set of scripts and queries for known issues and provides links to articles for each reported issue. The article contains a standalone executable that does not require installation. This tool is updated regularly so always download the latest version.

Remote Altiris Agent Diagnostics (RAAD) 7.6.1400 - TECH250854
RAAD (Remote Symantec Management Agent Diagnostics) 7.6.1400 is a standalone Microsoft Windows application that lets you remotely perform diagnostics of client computers, that have SMA (Symantec Management Agent) installed.

SMAtool - decrypts client storage. Contact technical support for details.

My Symantec Support Case
Customers with access to the support portal may upload files directly to the case at:
SMP Platform/Core Tools
Shared GUID Toolkit for NS 7.x - TECH142625
Software Resource Replicator - TECH166711
The 7.0 to 7.1 or 7.5 migration tool does not migrate Software Resources, expecting the database to be upgraded instead of a new migration. In these cases, use the Software Resource Replicator to migrate the necessary resources.
Import/Export Utility for NS - TECH250621
A how to guide for using the built in Import/Export Utility for Notification Server.
License Removal Tool for Symantec Management Platform 7.x - TECH250619