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ATP 3.1.0 fails to raise the UI after initial bootstrap


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Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Platform fails to raise the user interface (UI) immediately after completion of bootstrap and rebooting.

Output from the ATP CLI command "status_check" includes the following:

Error: unable to perform an operation on node '[email protected]'. Please see
diagnostics information and suggestions below.


There is more than one possible cause. The most frequent cause is that during bootstrap, the Communications Channel password was left blank.


- ATP Platform is installed as a Management Server


  1. At the CLI of ATP Platform, type:
  2. Complete the bootstrap again, and specify the Communications Channel password.
    NOTE: Under these conditions, the bootstrap script of ATP Platform will fail to reboot the box.
  3. Manually power off and then power on ATP using either the DRAC interface for ATP8840 or ATP8880 or the vSphere client for ATP Virtual Edition.