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Messaging Gateway on Hyper-V having time drift issues


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Messaging Gateway


Symantec Messaging Gateway (SMG) installed on a Hyper-V virtual machine is having more than expected time drift. The NTP settings are set up on the SMG.


  • Hyper-V and the SMG are trying to sync with NTP at the same time. This injects drift of time due to the competing daemons trying to correct the virtual server's time.
  • Hyper-V's NTP daemon can also inject drift because of server load, ratio of virtual to real cores, and RAM allocations, per MSDN.



Microsoft Windows
Messaging Gateway


It is recommended that the Hyper-V Time Syncronization Service for the specific virtual machine be disabled. Only one NTP daemon should be running that will affect the system clock per server.

For instructions on disabling Hyper-V Time Syncronization Service, please refer to Microsoft's Hyper-V documentation.

For more information, see Network Time Protocol (Version 3) Specification, Implemenation, and Analysis at the ITEF website (RFC 1305).