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Is there a way to log out a user from Data Loss Prevention Enforce console?


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


Have a user that is logged into Enforce and need to immediately log them out.


You see a red banner similiar to the following saying an item is being edited by another user and you need to work on that item immediately.

This policy is currently being edited by another user. Please try again later.


Enforce does not allow two users to edit policies and a few other items at the same time, as this could cause issues when these policies are saved and pushed. 


There are 3 ways to solve this issue:

  1. Restart all the DLP services
    NOTE: This will stop the environment and any currently running scans. See below for another option.
  2. Restart only the Vontu Manager Service (SymantecDLP Manager Service)
  3. Log into another instance of Enforce console as Administrator and disable the user's account.
    NOTE: This should log them out as soon as they attempt to perform a task or go to a different page and should immediately allow you to edit what you need to. You can figure out which user might be a problem in the localhost log in the tomcat folder. There should be a log of a user logging in and not logging out.