DLP - Error Code 2115 Custom attribute lookup failed


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Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

The Enforce server receives a custom LDAP attribute lookup error.

Code 2115
Summary Custom attribute lookup failed
Detail Failed to instantiate lookup plug-in com.vontu.lookup.liveldap.LiveLdapLookup. It was unloaded. Error message: Illegal group reference
Failed to instantiate lookup plug-in com.vontu.lookup.liveldap - Illegal group reference group index missing


The lookup plug-in contained an attribute mapping to a custom attribute that was not defined in the custom attributes list.


The index for the directory connection selected in the LDAP plug-in is out of date


  1. Add the custom attribute to custom attributes list.
  • In the Enforce console, go to "System > Incident Data > Attributes".
  • Click on the "Custom Attributes" tab.
  • Click the "Add" button.
  • Define the custom attribute and save it.


  1. Re-index the directory connection
  • ‚ÄčIn the Enforce console, go to System > Settings > Directory Connections
  • Configure the directory connection used by the faulting LDAP Lookup Plug-in
  • On the Index Settings tab, create a schedule that suits your needs, or a once only index job
  • Allow the job to complete at its scheduled time, then check the Index and Replication Status tab
  • If the job has completed successfully the errors should now no longer appear in the console