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Network Discover server is down after increasing the max parallel from 8 to 9


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Data Loss Prevention Network Discover


Data Loss Prevention (DLP) - Network Discover
After increasing the max parallel from 8 to 9 the Discover server does not come up.
Upon VontuMonitor service startup, the only log written to is BoxMonitor logs, FileReader Logs are NOT written to. 

Error as seen in BoxMonitor_0 both are Null Pointer Exceptions. 
First is: IOExecption in transport layer (… 
Further down: Null Pointer Exception in getSslKeystore( 
Also gives: Monitor Error 4162 in logs however ServerBindName is commented out (as it should be) and port is confirmed to be clear per netstat output. 


DLP 14.6


Had to uninstall and reinstall the Network Discover Server.