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Distributing virus definitions for Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange (SMSMSE) version 7.9.x and 7.10.x via LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x.


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Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange


The organization's Exchange servers are isolated from the internet and cannot successfully retrieve new AntiVirus definitions via LiveUpdate. How to ensure definitions will be updated without internet access? 


Configure an internal LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x (LUA 2.x) server to retrieve definitions for SMSMSE and distribute them to SMSMSE servers.

NOTE: This document is intended as a walkthrough to download virus definitions for SMSMSE 7.9 or later on a 64-bit computer by using LUA 2.x. For more general LUA 2.x information, see here. LUA 2.x must be version 2.2.2 or greater. Download the latest version of the LUA here.

About setting up your own LiveUpdate server

The LiveUpdate Administration Utility lets you set up an intranet HTTP server. This mechanism lets you handle LiveUpdate operations for your network.

The LiveUpdate Administration Utility is available at the following location:

If you set up your own LiveUpdate server, you must edit the LiveUpdate configuration for Mail Security to point to the local LiveUpdate server.

To Configure SMSMSE to download from your LiveUpdate Server

  1. Navigate to the installation directory and run PassKeyTool.exe.


  1. Type the passkey and click Submit.
  2. Open proxy configuration tool.


  1. In the Configure LiveUpdate Settings dialog box, specify the protocol as HTTP.
  2. In the Server box, type the IP address of LiveUpdate server.
  3. In the Port box, type the port number.

Port number is 7070 by default.

  1. Specify the path that is configured on Distribution Center page of the LiveUpdate

Administrator. Default path is clu-prod.

  1. Type the user name and password if it is configured in the Distribution Center.
  2. Click Submit.

Additional Information

If you are running SMSMSE 7.10 or later, please restart your SMSMSE services after making these changes.