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Messaging Gateway error: Spamhunter module: Failure applying body regex rules.


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Messaging Gateway


When reviewing the Brightmail Engine logs in Messaging Gateway you find the follow pairs of error messages logged within one second of each other:

  • Spamhunter module: Failure applying body regex rules.
  • DNS TXT query for "<hexnumber>" failed unexpectedly.


This is caused by the URL reputation filtering feature receiving an error when attempting to look up the reputation score of a URL in an email message which is being scanned.



Disable URL reputation filtering in the SMG control center (Spam -> Scan Settings) Uncheck "Enable URL Reputation filtering" and click Save.

  • Verify DNS settings for the SMG are set to internal DNS servers by IP address.
  • Configure the internal DNS server to allow more connections from the IP address of the SMG.
  • Allow more bandwidth to the DNS server.
  • Verify that DNS traffic over port 53 is not blocked, throttled, or shaped in any way.