GIN Application Update Notification for Reporter
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GIN Application Update Notification for Reporter


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Reporter-S500 Reporter-VA


Symantec is releasing a major update to the WebPulse database (also known as GIN) scheduled on 31 May 2018 between 00:00 UTC and 04:00 UTC. This update contains changes to existing web application names. WebPulse has removed obsolete web applications and renamed some applications to better align with the application owner’s current branding 


To support the GIN changes for the web application names, Reporter will include the current mappings from the old to the new web application names in the database for all identified web application names.  For web applications names that are changing, those names will still appear in the database if they previously existed in the created policy(s).  In cases where a database contains data for both an old web application name and its corresponding new web application name, the data for both the old and the new web application name will show up in a single row labeled with the new web application name.

Clients running older Reporter versions will not display the correct web application names under the given columns after 31 May 2017.  Upgrade to Reporter to correct these naming schemes.