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ProxySG SAML Authentication Troubleshooting - What information is needed from Symantec Support?


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


Symantec Network Protection Support will require information in order to troubleshoot SAML authentication issues that can occur with a ProxySG proxy. Having these information in hand at the time the service request is opened can greatly reduce the time required to resolve the issue.


Here is the list of the required information that our Support Engineer will require:

  • Sysinfo
  • Event Log
  • Policy Trace (Please refer to Article 166514 for more information on gathering a policy trace)
  • Packet Capture taken from the ProxySG
  • Packet Capture taken from the workstation used to reproduce the issue (WireShark is the recommended software to gather a client side packet capture)
  • Auth Debug (Please refer to Article 166436 information on collecting authentication debug logs)
  • SAML Trace logs

To capture SAML Trace logs, you will need install 3rd party browser extensions to capture them.

Here are some example SAML Tracer extension that you may use:

1. Chrome - SAML Control Panel

2. Firefox - SAML Tracer addon