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Procedure to change the management certificate for HTTPS and SSH in a PacketShaper S-Series


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PacketShaper S-Series


The PacketShaper uses a default self-signed certificate and it is generated by the PacketShaper itself.  As a result, browsers in a common network do not trust the PacketShaper's certificate by default.


The solution is to use a PEM certificate that includes the fulll chain of trust and is already trusted by the browsers.

This certificate can be installed using the following steps:

  • Open a browser and navigate to the PacketShaper's Web UI under the "file browser" option (Advanced UI -> Info -> "file browser >").
  • Upload the certificate (PEM format) under the folder 3.0/ssl
  • Connect to the device via SSH or serial connection.
  • Change directories until you are in 3.0/ssl directory:
    cd ..
    cd 3.0
    cd ssl
  • Apply the new certificate using this command (example PEM certificate: certificate.pem):
    setup ssl install certificate.pem