Failed configuration of offline scanner may cause configuration issues on other scanners
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Failed configuration of offline scanner may cause configuration issues on other scanners


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Messaging Gateway


When configuring DMARC or other sender authentication features in Messaging Gateway (SMG), if saving the configuration is successful but publishing the configuration fails for one or more scanners, the remaining scanners may not be fully configured to use DMARC. The policy has been published but DMARC authentication does not occur.

Configuration saved successfully but could not publish configuration to the following hosts - Please check control center logs for details.


The DMARC configuration requires that both the Brightmail Engine be configured with the DMARC policy and the MTA be configured to use DMARC authentication. An error in publishing the Brightmail Engine configuration prevents the updated MTA configuration from being published.


Disable the scanner host that the Control Center cannot publish configuration to and then republish the configuration:

  1. List the scanner hosts via Administration > Configuration
  2. Select the scanner that configuration could not be published do
  3. Click Disable
  4. Republish policies and MTA configuration by changing the MTA log level in Administration > Logs and saving the configuration

Disabling the scanner in the Control Center will stop the Control Center from attempting to publish configuration and policies to it but will not otherwise affect the scanner processing and delivering messages. The problem with publishing configuration to the scanner should be investigated immediately as the scanner may be running with a policy configuration which is different than the other scanner hosts.