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Information to collect for support to troubleshoot performance issues with Web Isolation.


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Web Isolation


You are seeing high CPU, high memory, or high disk utilization, resulting in poor browsing performance for end users.

What Information Should I Collect for Support to Troubleshoot a Performance Issue?


Note: The below steps only apply for on-prem Web Isolation deployments. Another alternative is to enable remote support access, which will allow Web Isolation support to SSH to the machine remotely to collect information.

  • SSH to the machine in question, and run the command: fg_machine_status.
  • This will run several diagnostic commands and collect the output into an archive stored in /var/tmp/machine_status_logs.tgz.
  • SCP the .tgz file out, and upload it to the case for support.

If you are seeing processes crashing (there will be recently created files in /var/crash if this is the case), you can also tell the fg_machine_status command to also collect these core files.

  • Edit /opt/fireglass/current/regression_tests/jenkins/, and change "PACK_CORES=false" to "PACK_CORES=true" on line six.

With this change, running fg_machine_status will also collect /var/tmp/machine_status_cores.tar. SCP both of the archives out, and upload both to the support case.