How to perform Disk to Disk imaging using Ghost
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How to perform Disk to Disk imaging using Ghost


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Ghost Solution Suite


You want to perform disk to disk imaging using Ghost Solution Suite.


Disk to Disk imaging is not available within Create or Distribute Image tasks within Ghost Solution Suite; it is necessary to run Ghost64.exe manually and choose your options.


Here are the steps to perform Disk to Disk imaging.

  1. Boot the computer to an automation environment.
    Note: If you are imaging two disks and neither is your boot disk you can skip booting the machine to automation.
    Note: If you are working with a known computer in Ghost Solution Suite may will be necessary to run a "Wait" task to get the machine to stay in automation. (KB 170323 - Client Computer does not stay in Automation when no task is applied)
  2. Go to the Command Prompt in the background.
    Note there may be two command prompt windows, only one of which will have an active command prompt.
  3. At the active command prompt type:
    Note if you are using a 32 bit automation environment you should type ghost32.exe
    Note: Add any additional command line switches here. For example: ghost64.exe -ntexact
    (Ghost will launch)
  4. Click OK to dismiss the splash screen
  5. Click: Local - Disk - To Disk
  6. Select your source disk
  7. Select your destination disk.
  8. Confirm any prompts and imaging should begin.