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Inventory fails if "Throttle inventory scan evenly over a period of:" setting is too long


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Inventory Solution


The setting for "Throttle inventory scan evenly over a period of:" in an Inventory Policy can help keep systems from overwhelming the Symantec Management Platform server with inventory. By spacing out when systems run and send inventory, it avoids problems in virtual environments and helps keep the server in good performance. This setting, however, may affect the outcome of Inventory, so it should be used cautiously.


Please note the following items when using the "Throttle inventory scan evenly over a period of:" setting.

  • The clients will use an algorythm to determine how long it will wait based on the hour setting provided. For example of you set it to 4 hours, the clients will randomly pick a time between immediately and 4 hours to begin executing gathering inventory.
  • The wait time is before the policy or task begins collecting inventory. Clients will send inventory upon completion of collection.
  • During the time it is waiting, the task or policy is in an active running state.
  • If a computer restarts or shutdown before the time the task or policy is completed, that task or policy will fail. If it fails in this way, it will not attempt to retry it until the next scheduled time.
  • It is recommended to set the hour value for this setting to something under the typical time systems are awake and running at the scheduled time. 4 to 6 hours is a good place to start, as a general recommendation.