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Upgrading Security Analytics from a TAR file


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Security Analytics


Instead of using the Upgrade Settings page on the web UI, the user may want to install the software upgrade from a TAR file.


Security Analytics 7.3.1 and later. Must have root access to the appliance and be able to transfer a file to the appliance using SCP or the equivalent.


  1. Obtain the TAR from Symantec Support or The username and password are your license key.
  2. On the appliance log in as root.
  3. Go to the /ds/upgrade directory and delete any files that are there.
  4. Verify that the directory /home/apache/tmp/upgrade_iso.d exists and that it is empty. If it does not exist, create it.
  5. Transfer the TAR to /home using SCP or the equivalent.
  6. In /home run the upgrade script.
/etc/utils/ atpsa-7.3.3-99999-x86_64-DVD.tar
  1. When the script has successfully run, /home/apache/tmp/upgrade_iso.d should be empty, and you should see the following files and directory in /ds/upgrade:
  1. Reboot.