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Deploy Image Task with DeployAnywhere selected fails, but image deploys successfully.


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Deployment Solution


Customers notice that a Deploy Image Task that uses DeployAnywhere succeeds, but the image task fails in the console.
'[2018/03/06 11:32:58.161 1696:2032 1] 
..\ClientImageDeploy\Tcube_ClientImageDeploy.[email protected] INFO: drvFileList is 
empty. No drivers are found to download to local DriverDB'


Deployment Solution 8.x


The reason for this is because drivermanager64.exe has not located a driver from the drivers DB that applies to this system. Because no drivers were detected to be downloaded, the driversmanifest.txt file is not created and DeployAnwhere64.exe fails to deploy drivers on the second run as there aren't any found.


Symantec is aware of the issue and is scheduled for a future release update (RU).

Work Around:

Set the job to continue after a task has failed.