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Configure Cassandra v3.11.2 for Cloud Data Protection 4.14.1


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The release notes for 4.14.1 state that the Cassandra version included in 3.11.2, however, once you install 4.14.1, Cassandra version is 3.9.


Due to an installation error, Cassandra version 3.11.2 does not get automatically installed. The release notes for 4.14.1 are missing a statement that you need to manually perform the steps below to get version 3.11.2.


  1. Unzip the CDP server installer JAR file.
  2. Locate the "" and unzip the contents.
  3. Locate the "cassandra" folder which should exist under the "container" folder.
  4. Create a backup of current "cassandra" folder in your CDP installation. You'll need the "" file under the "bin" folder afterward.
  5. Copy the "bin", "interface", "lib" and "pylib" folders from the "cassandra" folder that was extracted to your the "cassandra" folder in your "container" installation path, as an example: "/usr/local/symantec/container/cassandra"
  6. Copy the "" file from your backup which should be under the "bin" folder to your "cassandra" folder in your "container" installation path, as an example: "/usr/local/symantec/container/cassandra/bin"
  7. Open the "" file and comment line 483: "#no_compact=no_compact"