YouTube is not loading while connected to Web Security Service (WSS)
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YouTube is not loading while connected to Web Security Service (WSS)


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Cloud Secure Web Gateway - Cloud SWG


  • While attempting to play a YouTube video, it will play the commercial, then fails to play the video.
  • This occurs on multiple browsers.
  • This also helps troubleshoot any website that is not loading.
  • 403 Errors


Web Security Service

YouTube website


Duplicate the problem: 

  1. Open a web browser, such as Chrome and enter the developer tool by selecting the F12 function key. 

  2. Select Network tab and check "Preserve Log". 

  3. Navigate to 

  4. Search for site exhibiting the behavior.  Example: Search for “Solo” and attempt to play a video. 

  5. View the Developer (F12) log listing 403 Errors.

  6. Note the 403 errors would also be visible if you run a forensic report in the WSS

  7. Check one of the URLs with the 403 error not going through WSS.  Example: Use a host using a browser (Firefox):    

  8. If you receive a 404, examine the certificate details by navigating to Extensions> Certificate Subject Alt Name.  Check the list and verify categorization:  Example: is categorized as storage, it will block these requests if they are blocked by your policy.

  9. Note:  WSS looks at the certificate subject alt names (SANs) and will evaluate them.

Example 1: 

Example 2:



One possible solution:
  1. Remove the block for "storage" and see if that resolves the YouTube page from not loading. 
  2. Go to your and login
  3. Solutions> Content Filtering> Policy.  In the G2 rule and click on “Allowed Web Applications” and search for Youtube.  Add it as an allowed web application and then activate the policy.  This could fix policy to allow Youtube.