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Users receive 500-ICAP Communication Error in ProxySG deployment


Article ID: 171724


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Content Analysis Software - CA ProxySG Software - SGOS


A 500-ICAP Communication Error response appears in a user's browser.


Use the following troubleshooting steps to diagnose the issue:

  • Examine the error response. The page contains the description of the error and additional details from the antivirus engine.
  • Examine the event log messages. If the ProxySG appliance is not able to establish a connection with the Content Analysis appliance, it logs the following message: Cannot establish a connection to service.
  • Examine the ProxySG appliance log files for the failure reasons. All file-scanning failures, such as timeout, file too big, and decompression errors, are logged here.

Once the cause has been determined, search for a possible solution.