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Content Analysis Is Not Scanning Web Traffic on ProxySG or Advanced Secure Gateway


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Content Analysis Software - CA ProxySG Software - SGOS


The Content Analysis Home page does not show any files being scanned. The Statistics reports do not display any ICAP objects, connections, or bytes for the last hour (or another recent time period). The ProxySG or Advanced Secure Gateway (ASG) Statistics > Content Analysis page does not display any requests, connections, or bytes for the last hour (or another recent time period).



The following steps were taken from the ProxySG First Steps WebGuide (6.7) from the section "Why is Content Analysis not scanning web traffic?"

If Content Analysis is not scanning web traffic, there is likely a configuration error that is preventing the ProxySG or ASG appliance from sending traffic to Content Analysis. Here are a few things to double-check:

  • Verify that you have followed the configuration steps in "Add Content Analysis for In-Path Threat Detection" in the ProxySG First Steps WebGuide.

  • Make sure the ProxySG and Content Analysis appliances are on the same subnet.

  • Verify that the ProxySG and Content Analysis appliances have the same ICAP service ports. On Content Analysis, go to Settings > ICAP. On the ProxySG, go to Configuration > Threat Protection > Malware Scanning > Edit.

  • Make sure Content Analysis has a valid license.