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ccSvcHst.exe crashes observed on systems running Citrix XenApp after applying SDS update 1.6.


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Endpoint Protection


Citrix XenApp uses a feature called “Virtual Memory Optimization” that rebases various DLLs of third party software, including DLLs belonging to Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP). With XenApp 6.5 (or earlier) and SEP 14.x installed on the same system, ccSvcHst.exe crashes may be observed after applying the SDS update from May 15, 2018 (version


SEP 14.x or later with SDS update or later.

Citrix XenApp 6.5 or earlier.


Citrix XenApp virtual memory optimization is incompatible with SEP 14.x.


If ccSvcHst.exe crashes are observed on systems running Citrix XenApp and SEP 14.0, Symantec recommends one of the following solutions:

  • Configure Citrix XenApp to exclude SEP-related DLLs and EXEs from the virtual memory optimization feature, as mentioned on Citrix site:

  • Upgrade Citrix XenApp to 7 or newer, which does not include the virtual memory optimization feature.


NOTE: XenApp 6.5 has passed End of Life. It is recommended to upgrade to avoid this issue.