Enforce services won't start automatically upon startup - RHEL / Linux


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


Data Loss Prevention Enforce

SymantecDLP Services may no longer start automatically after a linux system reboot.


To enable Data Loss Prevention services to start automatically (after a reboot), complete the following:

These steps work for DLP 15.1, 15.5, 15.7 and 15.8:

Log onto the Enforce server and SU as root, then run the following:

systemctl enable SymantecDLPManagerService

systemctl enable SymantecDLPIncidentPersisterService

systemctl enable SymantecDLPDetectionServerControllerService

systemctl enable SymantecDLPNotifierService

Log onto to Detection server and su as root, then run the following:

systemctl enable SymantecDLPDetectionServerService


The following has been tested on 15.5 and RHEL7:

1. Create systemd script as root:

=> vi /etc/systemd/system/dlpSymantec_startup.service







2. Create the dlpSymantec_startup.sh and add the services startup commands. 

=> vi /usr/local/bin/dlpSymantec_startup.sh

Enforce services 

#DLP startup scripts###
service start SymantecDLPManagerService
service start SymantecIncidentPersisterService
service start SymantecDLPNotifierService
service start SymantecDLPDetectionServerControllerService

exit 0

Detection Services on Detection servers.

#DLP v15.5
service SymantecDLPDetectionServerService start
exit 0


3. Set the permissions of the systemd script and the bash script

=> chmod 744 /usr/local/bin/dlpSymantec_startup.sh

=> chmod 664 /etc/systemd/system/dlpSymantec_startup.service

4. Enable the systemd service.

=> systemctl daemon-reload

=> systemctl enable dlpSymantec_startup.service

NOTE: Symantec DLP 15.1 will be named without the service at the end of each service name for example SymantecDLPManagerService will be named SymantecDLPManager