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Clients stuck Configuring Computer after image deployment


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Ghost Solution Suite


After distributing a disk image GSS will usually attempt to perform a number of configuration tasks on the client PC. If it cannot complete these tasks the client record might be stuck in the status  of "Configuring Computer."


The Symantec Automation Agent (dAgent) is not installed on the client machine.

The Domain credentials in the GSS console are incorrect or lack rights to perform the functions.

GSS RU 6 needs to be applied. 


A distribute disk Image task has a checkbox at the bottom of the task labeled "Automatically perform configuration task after completing this imaging task". If checked this will cause the client to attempt to perform 2 configuration functions after the image deployment.

  1. The machine will be renamed to whatever name it had prior to the deployment.
  2. The machine will be put back on to whatever domain it was on prior to the deployment. 

In order for this to work the following conditions must be met:

  1. The Symantec Automation Agent must be installed in the image that is deployed. That is - before you create a disk image, you must  install the Symantec Automation Agent (dAgent) in Windows. This is necessary because the console waits for the agent on the target machine to check in after the deployment - then gives it the commands to rename it and rejoin the domain. If there isn't an agent on the target machine means the console sticks at "configuring" forever while it waits for the client to check it. If there is no agent on the target machine it will never check in to the console and the "configuring computer" status will never change. 
  2. The domain credentials within Ghost must be correct. Tools - Options - Domain Accounts.
  3. The target machine must be "known" to the console, that means it has received inventory from that machine in Windows. That inventory includes the machine name and domain membership. If it has not received this information it does not know what name or domain to apply to the new machine.
        NOTE:    Install the Agent software in Windows on the target machine to make it "known" to the GSS console. The machine will appear in the upper left corner of the GSS console, its icon should not be yellow.
  4. For it to be automatically re-added to a domain it had to be on that domain already. There is a different procedure to add a new machine to a domain that it has never seen before.


If you know your client does not meet these requirements you should uncheck the box in the Distribute Disk image task so the client does not attempt the automatic configuration tasks. 

If your client is currently stuck in this state you should delete the offending item from the job history of the client. (It will be unable to perform additional tasks as long as the previous task appears incomplete.)

If you are not running GSS 3.2 RU 6 there may be a defect that will affect this issue. You should apply the RU 6 update before troubleshooting this issue any further. 

If you are distributing a disk image to a new client the automatic configuration tasks are not expected to work. To add such a machine to a domain, or rename it, you will need to run a Modify Configuration task after the distribute disk image task. For a Modify Configuration task to work the agent software being installed on the client computer.