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Ghost Solution Suite PXE Installation Hangs at 37%


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Ghost Solution Suite


While trying to perform an installation of PXE on a remote server it hangs at 37%.

There is no error message.  The installation simply stops at 37%


Ghost Solution Suite 3.1 or 3.2

Remote PXE Server

DSSETUP folder copied onto the remote server and setup.exe ran locally on the remote server.


Check the location of the dssetup folder.  The reason for the hang is that this folder is not at the root of the C: drive.  In the situation described, the dssetup folder was placed on the D: drive and then the setup.exe was ran.


Currently there is a work around for the above scenario.  The dssetup folder must be at the root of the C: drive when performing the installation of PXE on the remote server.  The installation of PXE can go to whatever drive is available, but the dssetup folder must be on C:.  Development is working on fixing this issue for a future release of the code.  If you'd like to be notified when the fix is available, please subscribe to this tech article and you'll receive an email when the fix is available.