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Website that blocked with error "certificate_category_denied"


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Web Security Service - WSS


A website has been blocked and is giving error "certificate_category_denied".



Web Security Service


The Web Security Service (WSS) evaluates the categorization of all common and alternative names that are listed on the certificate of a website. If the common name or any of the alternative names are categorized as a blocked category then the sites are blocked with the verdict "certificate_category_denied".


  1. Review the common name and alternative names that are listed on the site's certificate.
  2. Use site review to determine if the common name or one of the alternative names that are listed on the site's certificate is categorized as the blocked the category that's listed on the block page.
  3. Once the name has been identified on the certificate causing the block, evaluate the risk of allowing the site in question. If needed, allow the site after evaluating the risk and proceed below.
  4. Add the domain of the site to G2 "Allowed Domains or URLs"
    1. Log into the portal
    2. Go to Solutions > Content Filtering > Policy
    3. Click on Add Rule > Add Destination > Domain or URL > New > Add domain or url