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Large increase in network and CPU activity on your Data Center Security (DCS) servers


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Data Center Security Server Advanced


In the last few days you might have noticed a very large increase in network and CPU usage of your manager.

The local tomcat management page shows a very high number for "Bytes sent ".

Example from https://localhost:8081/manager/status in the Data Center Security (DCS)

In the section "http-bio-443" look at the 2 lines below :

Max threads: 200 Current thread count: 50 Current thread busy: 0
Max processing time: 167655 ms Processing time: 830.91 s Request count: 19463 Error count: 1364 Bytes received: 33.79 MB Bytes sent: 778673.23 MB

The Bytes sent by the manager is very high.




In some agents you might notice that the agent.out file becomes very large.

For example in the default install path:

Directory of C:\Program Files (x86)\Symantec\Data Center Security Server\Agent\sdcsslog

30/04/2018  05:28    <DIR>          .
30/04/2018  05:28    <DIR>          ..
05/05/2018  07:22     1,347,105,051 agent.out

These agents have been set to trace logging level.


This affects all version of DCS.


Symantec has released an agent fix that resolves the issue. There are 3 versions of the agent installer depending on the version that you are using:

  • 6.0.x 
  • 6.5.x
  • 6.7.x

See linked files below


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