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DLP Endpoint agent causes delays when files are opened.


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Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Prevent


Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Endpoint

  • When the DLP Endpoint agent is enabled, some computer functions like opening files (.pdf, .xls, etc.) have long delays.
  • DLP Agent on Citrix with AppSense causing performance issues


  • Conflict between AppSense application(s) and DLP Agent.


  • DLP 14.X
  • DLP 15.X
  • Citrix Virtual Desktop Environment (VDI)
  • AppSense


White list Appsense executables per How to white list or exclude an application from DLP Endpoint agents).

  • AMAgent.exe
  • AmAgentAssist.exe
  • AMMessageAssist.exe
  • AMMessage.exe
  • AMAppLimits.exe
  • AMOnDemand.exe
  • AMProperties.exe
  • AMSystemControl.exe
  • AMUninstallAssist.exe
  • EMAgent.exe
  • EMAgentAssist.exe
  • EMNotify.exe
  • EMCoreService.exe
  • EMExit.exe
  • EMLoggedOnUser.exe
  • EMSystem.exe
  • EMUser.exe
  • EMUserLogoff.exe
  • EMPsHost.exe
  • PMAgent.exe
  • PMAgentAssist.exe
  • CCA.exe
  • WatchdogAgent.exe
  • WatchdogAgent64.exe
  • DataNow_Service.exe
  • InsightService.exe

See for more details about AppSense .exe Exceptions.