Testing URL for the IWF content-filter database
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Testing URL for the IWF content-filter database


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


I have enabled the IWF content-filter database on my SG or ASG proxy appliance, and would like to confirm that it's categorizing websites correctly.


Due to the nature of the content which is categorized as "IWF-Restricted"* by the IWF content-filter, "live" URLs for testing cannot be provided.

Customers who wish to test whether that the IWF content-filter is correctly installed and functioning on their SG or ASG appliance should instead test using the following URL:

On an appliance where the IWF is functioning correctly, the categorization result returned should be as follows:
IWF: IWF-Restricted

*The IWF database doesn't contain any other categories. All other URLs (outside of the IWF-Restricted category) will be listed as "none".