SMP 8.1.X: Symantec Management Console may become unresponsive.
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SMP 8.1.X: Symantec Management Console may become unresponsive.


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The Symantec Management Console (the Console) is the Web browser based administration console for working with Symantec Management Platform and solutions.

The following link (Language Support) contains a list of the officially supported languages in the Console. The Console and Help files have been localized in the referenced languages. 

The localization mechanism is based on several stored procedures, tables and views. The ones of the most important stored procedures are spGetLocalisedItemStrings and spGetLocalisedItemStrings2. It has been discovered that the stored procedures may take much time to complete or time out in some environments.

There are no immediate errors in the log files, but this is the way how the issue presence can be confirmed:

  1. You are aware of the pages in the Console that take much to load;
  2. Run Altiris Profiler and click on Start Profiling;
  3. In the Console browse to one of the pages from (1);
  4. In Altiris Profiler browse to "SQL Trace" tab;
  5. Configure SQL Filters to only log data that contains the following text:spGetLocalisedItemStrings;
  6. Monitor SQL Trace tab;
  7. You have reproduced/confirmed the issue, if it takes several minutes (or there will be a timeout after ~ 20 minutes) to complete the stored procedure. 

Please note, it is safe to run the intercepted stored procedure directly from SQL Management Studio, but the execution time can be significantly shorter. 


SMP 8.1.x (up to RU6).


A deficiency in spGetLocalisedItemStrings and spGetLocalisedItemStrings2 stored procedures logic. 


SMP 8.1.x users:

  • Rename spGetLocalisedItemStrings and spGetLocalisedItemStrings2 to spGetLocalisedItemStrings_old and spGetLocalisedItemStrings2_old;
  • Download and run the attached SQL queries;
  • Restore the original stored procedures, if needed. 

SMP 8.1 RU7 will have the modified stored procedures within.



spGetLocalisedItemStrings2.txt get_app
spGetLocalisedItemStrings.txt get_app