Dynamic Categorization errors when accessing specific sites
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Dynamic Categorization errors when accessing specific sites


Article ID: 171628


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Advanced Secure Gateway Software - ASG ProxySG Software - SGOS


Advanced Secure Gateway

Users are not able to access a certain website sporadically

#test content-filter www.example.com 

            Testing URL 'http://www.example.com/'

             Policy: none

             Local: none

             Blue Coat: unavailable


  1. Event Log has these entries:

     ... date time "Dynamic categorization error: Service is not healthy."  0 500000:1   cerberian_api.cpp:104

     ... date time "Dynamic categorization error: entity not currently in use." 0 500000:1   cerberian_api.cpp:104

  1. webpulse.es.bluecoat.com is accessible
  2. Health Checks for drtr.rating_service state is OK, and no drtr error logged to Event Log


The issue is caused by corrupted BCWF database. Reload BCWF database does not resolve the issue. A full content download is required.

Follow the related KB article 166118 to:

  1. Disable the content-filter and application-classification 
  2. Purge Bluecoat database
  3. Download the full Bluecoat database
  4. Enable the service