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Rebuild or reset a scanner appliance that is separate from the control center


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Messaging Gateway


There may be times where a Scanner being used with the Symantec Messaging Gateway (SMG) needs to be reset, removed or rebuilt, this is the process to do so. Note that the Message Audit Logs are stored on the scanners, so they may need to be backed up and restored, which is discussed at the bottom of this article.


​Steps to remove and re-add the Scanner back to the SMG Control Center:

  1. SSH into the scanner as "admin"

  2. Remove the scanner from the control center via Administration -> Configuration select the scanner and click "Delete"

  3. Run the 'delete all' command on the scanner from the command line (either virtual console or local monitor and keyboard)

  4. After the reboot, login as "admin" with password "symantec"

  5. Go through the scanner bootstrap procedure to setup the network configuration.

  6. Add the scanner back to the control center Administration -> Configuration -> Add

  7. Reapply the license file Administration -> Licenses -> Select the scanner from the drop down

Message Audit Logs

If you need to retain your Message Audit Logs, you will need to back them up to another location before resetting the scanner, then restore them afterwards. The process for this can be found in the following article:

How to Backup Message Audit Logs