Errors when performing a hot image task from Ghost.
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Errors when performing a hot image task from Ghost.


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Ghost Solution Suite


While using Ghost to perform a hot image task errors are seen and the image is not created. 

Error Number: 756
Message: Could not create a snapshot of the volume


Ghost Solution Suite 3.x (GSS) 
Creating hot images on windows clients specifically windows 8 and later


This is seen on systems with multiple partitions.   The use of volume snapshot is only supported on a drive with only an active OS partition.   In the case of some Win 10 systems there are multiple partitions for recovery and booting that are needed by the os and Ghost will be unable to lock these partitions for the snapshot. 


Hot imaging was supported for what are now legacy OS's windows 7 and earlier.   It may work in some cases on later OS's but at this time this feature is deprecated.    The only supported way to create a ghost image is while booted to a pre boot environment like windows PE

For Windows 10, limited Hot Imaging is still possible, however, we can't certify it for 100% of customer configurations.