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Servicedesk Forms Scale Off Page on Low Resolution Displays


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If you are using Servicedesk on smaller monitors, or have set the resolution to a lower resolution to see the fonts and text larger, you may run into a situation where your Servicedesk forms, specifically the Advanced Technician Feeder Form (Submit Incident (Advanced)) can run off the visual portion of the screen and you have to manipulate the windows around to be able to see the buttons at the bottom of the page.  There were also no scroll bars to manipulate the window content easily.



Servicedesk 8.1x


By default, all Servicedesk forms open in virtual windows, a subform of the current web session.  With the resolution improvement of monitors, it was expected that customers would have a higher resolution for monitors, therefore forms could be larger.  This has not proven to be the case for all customers.


You can configure the forms to open in separate windows.  As an example, if I wanted to have scroll bars on the Submit Advanced Incident form, I would perform the following, as a Servicedesk Portal Administrator:

  1. Login to the Portal
  2. Click on Admin>Service Catalogs Settings
  3. Under Browse Category, Click on IT Services
  4. Find "Submit Incident (Advanced)" and click the gear icon to the right, and select Edit Form
  5. In the bottom 1/4 of the form, there is a check box setting called "Open in New Window".  Put a check in that box
  6. Click Save

The next time you open this form on a low resolution screen, you will see scroll bars to the right and bottom of the new window.

This same procedure can be used for any of the forms in the Service Catalog.