How to reset the ICE Administrator Password


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Information Centric Encryption


Original "Welcome" letter had been lost.

Administrator had not configured a password, after provisioning.

The Administrator password, previously configured, had been forgotten.


  1. Go to  and click on “Forgot Password”.
  2. Enter the registered ICE Administrator email address, click Continue.

The email entered into this site will be validated. If there is an account matching the email provided, a password reset email will be sent to the email address.

From the ICE Administrator mailbox:

  1. Check inbox and spam folders for a password reset email from Symantec.
  2. Open the password reset email
  3. Click on the password reset link.

This link will open in a browser. A password prompt should be on the screen. Type a new password.

If successful, the a confirmation popup will appear. Click Continue to close the confirmation popup.

Confirm the settings page for the account is accessible, then “sign out” (Top right hand side of the screen) and close the browser window.

To login to the ICE Console with the new password, go here:

For issues related to password resets where the ICE Administrator has changed, or is no longer with the company, please contact Symantect Technical Support for assistance with updating the ICE Administrator contact details.