Software showing in Newly Discovered/undefined list when it's already defined as a Product
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Software showing in Newly Discovered/undefined list when it's already defined as a Product


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Software Management Solution


The Newly Discovered / Defined list in the Software Catalog shows software that matches and should be associated to the Software Products shown in the Products list.


Software Products (the right-pane of the catalog) are like containers for Software Components. These link software components, Application Metering data, Packages (if available), and licensing together for easy configuration and management. This is why they are considered "Managed".

There are specific criteria for components to be linked to Products.
Only Software Components that have associated inventory will show up and associate with a Product. This means computers need to have that software associated with them via Inventory.

  • The 3 fields under the Identify Inventory tab when editing a Product determines if a component will be included in that Product. The Name, Version, and Company fields must include the component for it to be associated.
  • Computers need rows in the Inv_InstalledSoftware table, with the column InstallFlag with a value of 1. A value of 0 does not count as an active row.
  • If there are multiple rows, some with values of 1 and some with 0, it will still show because it only requires one row with a value of 1 to be considered inventory managed
  • There are two ways to get associated inventory to a component.
    • One is to run Software Inventory and have it detect that software.
    • The second is to have the software component's detection rule run and find the software installed.
  • Software Releases, or those components that were created when a software package is imported into the console, may have different naming schemes than what Inventory finds. This means they won't match and might be left as undefined in the list.