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ProxySG hangs or freezes during installation of policy


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


Upon the load and subsequent install of policy from the remote URL the proxy “froze” while installing the policy. It remained otherwise operational, with the inability to install policy, stating a policy load was already in progress.


Using the group caching feature, which means other than the first time policy is loaded or when a new group is added to policy, lookups will not actually be done except once every 15 minutes for groups that haven’t been successfully looked up.

There is a read write lock that causes proxy to be in a "froze" state.  The proxy simply never finishes installing policy and cannot start a new policy installation because the process is hung and requires a manual reboot to recover.

If the policy contains authentication groups in domains the SG cannot connect to (nonexistent groups), a kernel error may prevent the installation of the policy to complete on the SG. This has been resolved in and later releases. 


Issue fixed in SG version