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List with Japanese version SEP 14. x product codes for manual uninstall purposes


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Endpoint Protection


A list of Japanese version Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) uninstall product codes is requested.

Manually uninstalling SEP requires knowledge of the uninstall product code for the product.


Name Version Release Date  32 bit Client's Product Code 64 bit Client's Product Code
   RTM 14.0.1904.0000 Oct-16 {78619FC4-C550-4699-B0EE-BD8D9540D98D} {C631C20A-FD3B-4C3E-BB7A-5BAD85245C5B}
   MP1 14.0.2332.0100 Feb-17 {EAA9C17C-7995-4DD3-ADF6-158E94B1F8D0} {D7EC44CD-70BE-470F-9FF8-3157731A6D87}
   MP1a 14.0.2349.0100 Mar-17 {EEE011BE-5FC0-42B4-A516-2EBD7BDEB69F} {12FBFAEB-4940-44DC-9EB5-2D4E312A9AFA}
   MP2 14.0.2415.0200 Jun-17 {32AAFC88-0805-4A25-A6C9-FDE3276AF854} {8C9A707D-80EA-4658-8147-8C8DC1C99EEF}
   RU1 14.0.3752.1000 Oct-17 {8C286627-4576-42D6-AB9B-BCCA3EABE5F6} {B6B17BD5-50A5-460C-B040-C95DF059662E}
   RU1 MP1 14.0.3876.1100 Dec-17 {4D4EB2F4-DA91-4DF5-8446-D29DD3F23BC3} {16355748-E71C-4BFE-A54B-491A29C6477D}
   RU1 MP1b 14.0.3897.1101 Jan-18 {937558C2-2728-4600-A127-873F4EB1C046} {E3FBCDD5-0D4C-4939-921C-11BF5A2D2917}
   RU1 MP2 14.0.3929.1200 Mar-18 {362E8BAE-1358-4EB8-89C7-BAA6BE82174C} {A0AE8119-B14F-4EDC-A2F7-9FF213119E54}