Synchronization Tool 101 for Email
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Synchronization Tool 101 for Email


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Learn how to properly use the Synchronization tool for Email



About The Synchronization Tool

The Synchronization Tool extracts user information from your LDAP directory service and makes the data available to the Email services, including email and web Data Protection services. The synchronized user information includes email addresses and the user groups that each user belongs to. Once you establish connections to your data sources, you can run the tool manually or on a schedule, to ensure that your cloud security services have the most current data.

The Synchronization Tool is a Java executable that operates on a range of platforms that the Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE) supports.

Synchronization Tool Configuration and Best Practices

System Requirements

Operating System

The operating system must support the Java Runtime Environment, version 1.6.0_19 or later. We have tested the tool with the following operating systems:

■ Windows Server 2003 R2
■ Windows Vista SP2
■ Windows 2008 R2
■ Windows 7 Professional SP1
■ Windows Server 2012 R2
■ Linux Fedora 20
■ CentOS Linux 5.11

We also support the tool on the Solaris platform.

Note: Not all these operating systems support the extraction
of data from the Exchange Online and Office 365 data


Minimum 1Gb

Note: The memory requirement depends on the amount of
data that you synchronize and the log detail that you specify.

Disk Space

Minimum 1Gb

Note: The disk space requirement depends on the amount
of data that you synchronize and the log detail that you

Download the Synchronization Tool

To download the Synchronization tool, select Tools > Downloads in the Management portal. If you already have JRE installed on your computer, select the version without JRE that matches your operating system. If you do not have JRE installed on your computer, select the appropriate version that includes JRE.

After you download and install the tool, a wizard guides you through the steps to establish connections and data extraction from your data sources. Each step is tested and verified.

For complete instructions on how to use the Synchronization tool, refer to "Download and license the Synchronization Tool" on page 9 on the Synchronization Tool Administrator Guide.

Install the Synchronization Tool

Schedule a Synchronization in Schemus

Synchronization Tool Administrator Guide

Check "Download Files" section of this KB article to download the guide.


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