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Moving clients with the REST API fails with an errorCode 400


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Endpoint Protection


When attempting to move clients using the Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM) REST API, you receive a 400 error "Duplicate hardware keys found:"

    "errorCode": "400",
    "appErrorCode": "",
    "errorMessage": "Duplicate hardware keys found: [82C2C83ECEAA3D04C04AA4AD228F179A]."


This error occurs if either the original group or the new group contains clients with the same hardware key value.  Duplicate hardware keys can occur when you deploy an image without following best practices.  It can also occur when using Active Directory (AD) sync and "copying" a client to a non-AD group. 


To resolve issues with duplicate hardare IDs, see "Repair duplicate IDs on cloned Endpoint Protection clients."

If the client in question is sync'd with Active Directory, you will need to delete the client and move it back to the original Active Directory group or remove the Active Directory group from the Endpoint Protection Manager.