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Clients that are no longer active report online in the Ghost Solution Suite 3.2 console


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Ghost Solution Suite


After upgrading to Release Update 6 (RU6) for Ghost Solution Suite 3.2 the client systems no longer have the online icon showing in the console GUI.   Some tasks may not be allowed to run if the systems are not displaying the correct icon. Also, inventory updates from these systems may not be reflecting the most updated information. 

Computer icons show as offline in the console. Some tasks may report that they can only run on a system that is online. 


Ghost Solution Suite (GSS) 3.2 Upgraded to RU6

This may possibly be seen when upgrading to 3.2 RU7 from any previous build of GSS


When the installation of RU6 had been applied it may not have been run by right-clicking the installer and selecting to "Run as Administrator"  Without elevating the privileges of the installer some items may not be upgraded properly. 


This issue may be fixed with the release of RU7.  Please first try installing RU7 before contacting support.  If the issue persists after the installation of RU7 please contact support and we can assist with a point fix to resolve the issue.


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