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HTML tags appear in the ProxySG or Advanced Secure Gateway custom exception HTML preview


Article ID: 171540


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Advanced Secure Gateway Software - ASG ProxySG Software - SGOS


When I click the View Sample HTML link in the User-Defined Exceptions section of the Exceptions Configuration page (Configuration > Policy > Exceptions; on the Exceptions tab, view the Exceptions configuration) the browser displays the exception page content as well as fragments of HTML tags.


Make sure that the HTML is correct and complete:

  • Elements have the correct opening and closing tags such as <a href="URL">link text</a>.
  • Quotation marks and brackets are entered correctly.

Missing quotation marks and tags and typographical errors cause the HTML to display content incorrectly. Colors may not display correctly, a blank page may display or images may appear broken. 

  1. In a text or HTML editor, review the exception page content and correct any errors you find.
  2. Log in to your CLI console using a remote log-in utility.
  3. To edit the exception page, enter the following commands.
    SG# config
    SG# exceptions
    SG# edit name_of_exception
    SG# inline EOF
  4. Copy the HTML from the file you edited in step 1 above.
  5. Paste the HTML  into your CLI console.
  6. Type EOF and press Enter.

You can test your HTML before copying it into the console by right-clicking the file and opening it in a browser.